Tips to sell your home fast at a good deal in London

Sell your home fast

We all love our houses. There is no doubt that a home possesses a very special place in our hearts. But sometimes due to certain situations, we have to sell our sweet house. Now, as we all know that real estate business is on the decline. It is not as profitable as it was a decade ago. Today, buyers have become very aware and have a number of options. Therefore to sell a house in such a condition is not an easy task. Many factors are to be considered these days to get a good deal. All the points are to be kept in mind. The person to whom you will be selling your house should be a genuine person and should not cheat you. Many things are to be studied before advertising the house for sale at Hoesly Real Estate. If you are in need of any extra cash to help, a personal loan could be the best option, carry on reading for more information.

To get the best price and deal for your house, consider these following tips:

1. Keep the pricing right

It is always advisable to keep the pricing of your house close to market selling rate. Before setting a particular amount, always do a market study. Online one can check the prices of similar houses and then based on your location, you can price the house. Nowadays the area of the house where it is situated is also very important. The same house at a posh location may fetch you more price.

2. Try to spice up your deal by providing extra things to the buyer over other houses

If you want your house to sell really fast, you have to give some extra points to the buyer so that he chooses your house over others. Today so many houses are on sale and with so much variety, buyers want the best possible deal. For this one can provide one year of house warranty. This is not very expensive but gives you that upper hand. This way the buyer knows that all the house appliances are taken care and is not worried about them. You can also give the buyer the choice of some money return at the end of the deal so that he gets some cash back at the close of the deal.

3. Good Agent

Involve a good agent who has a clean reputation in selling houses and buying houses too. Their agency would without any doubt read we buy any house. One can shortlist some 3-4 agents. Then meet each of them personally and get their point of views. See their previous records and select the best one

4. Crack the deal by negotiating well

You must know all the details of the person to whom you are selling the house. Give the buyer the flexibility of paying by cash /cheque. Hire a lawyer who knows his work well and prepares your agreement fast. Buyers always appreciate good and neat paper works.

So, if you really want to sell your house in London fast and that too at a good price always keep the house clean, price it right, get the best agent and do your market study well before quoting the price.

5. Ensure it is repaired

The last thing that anyone wants is to move into a new home and have to spend money on repairing certain things. Anything from a boiler which needs fixing all the way to a room needing new carpet. Small things like this will turn away potential buyers meaning it will take longer for your home to sell. Although, we understand that repairing the things necessary could cost you thousands of pounds. Therefore, a personal loan might be your best bet. A personal loan can offer you up to £35,000 for home DIY and improvements (along with other things). This will be a massive help as you won’t be forking out thousands of pounds at one time. But, if you are wanting a personal loan of above £25,000, you will need a high credit score otherwise it is a huge risk for a lender and it is unlikely you will be accepted.


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