Did you choose a good home plan for your home?

Choosing a home plan

The choice of a home plan will depend on a number of factors like the size of the site, whether it will be in a master-planned neighbourhood or a freestanding home on acreage. Other than the site, the floor plan of a home is the most significant choice that will be made.  Regardless of the size and whether one chooses an apartment, a condo or a home in London, layout of the space and number of rooms will depend actually on the lifestyle of the people living.  Even making a choice of a single story or two-story home can be confusing. Amidst all of this confusion, here are a few tips that will certainly help you to take a quick decision that will be applauded always. For a little extra advice, we suggest you look at Simple Personal Loans and what they have to offer. Not only just their services but also their blog posts on saving money and budgeting can be really helpful, especially if this home plan is going to break the bank.

 Tips on choosing a good floor plan:

Choose the home as per the Lifestyle:

If the children are teenagers, they usually prefer having rooms which are separate. If there are kids at home, choose the bathrooms accordingly. It always pays to look at floor plans and also built up model homes to see if the space feels free and open and caters to the requirement of your family.


This is another aspect that has to be taken into consideration – many architects develop floor plans keeping up with the entertaining factor in mind. Never the less, wide foyers and open living and dining areas and open sit-outs are especially good for events. Many plans make spaces open enough so that people can spill over into the patio/backyard for outdoor living. For those who prefer a bit of privacy, there are plans which offer formal living areas as well.


Most families enjoy living in a single-story home for the simple reason that they like it being quiet. If one has a 2 story house and young children, it can get quite noisy most of the times.  Single story homes offer more privacy, depending on the amount of space available around a home.  A decision on what the floor plan to picking for your home will have to be given serious consideration – keeping all the major aspects in mind.

Proximity to the Special access:

If any of your family members have special needs, this factor has to be considered when picking a floor plan for your new home. Easy access entrances and wider hallways and doorways within a home can be discussed with the architect and builder.  You must also make sure to include the option to remove walls in order to make extra space – this would mean that the load-bearing wall locations have to be redesigned in order to make it convenient for their expansion in the future. Another important factor is to build wash areas and bathrooms based on the person’s abilities. After all, it is all about giving comfort and convenience to your family.

Outdoor living areas for home living in London:

Most of the floor plans include some amount of outdoor living spaces.  This could take the form of a porch, swimming pool or even a gazebo.  Of course, the size of this space will have to be pretty large if one wants a swimming pool and other outdoor features including a nice garden. If you are on the top floors, then you could opt for something that offers you the option of having a terrace garden area and more. Spaces in the homes will look good only if the homeowner is able to maintain it – this aspect has to be given serious thought as it can involve a lot of work.  Some people may not want to deal with keeping up indoor and outdoor spaces, especially if they are busy travelling.


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